Dr. Eric Nygard – Anesthesiologist

Dr. Eric Nygard- Dentist Anesthesiologist

Dr. Nygard was born in Missoula, MT. and grew up on his family’s farms in western Montana and central Washington.  He went to college at Washington State University, where he ran on the track team as a 400m hurdler.  While in college, he met his wife, Jenny and together they have faced many life experiences, such as school, kids, cancer, more kids, and more schooling, many moves and finally settling down in Frenchtown, MT.  He went to school at the University of Washington and completed his anesthesia residency at Loma Linda University and was fortunate to receive excellent training and received numerous awards, honors, and scholarships during his training.  He is very appreciative of the many mentors, colleagues, and patients who have helped and taught him throughout the years.  Dr. Nygard loves to provide anesthesia to his patients, and bringing the best possible, personalized care to each patient is very important to him.  He has a team  of wonderful people around him, including dentists, assistants and nurses who all contribute in their own unique way to ensure that each patient has a safe and pleasant anesthetic experience.  When he isn’t working, Dr. Nygard can be found with his wife and kids, doing projects at home, playing games, or spending time in the mountains.  Along with his family, he is active in his community and church.  His faith is an important part of who he is.